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Diligent is an award-winning Magento 2 agency in Shoreditch. We've been designing and building websites on Magento's upgraded platform since 2016 for the likes of Stephen Webster, Turner & George and Amanda Wakeley to name a few. We are the trusted ecommerce partner for many brands because we think ahead and deliver industry-leading services. Our dedicated team are experts in building new Magento websites, designing new customer journeys, providing dedicated support and working with clients on strategy.
Our Projects

Upgrade to Magento 2


Magento 2 is the future! It has revolutionised the way merchants manage their ecommerce and it has produced outstanding results for some of the world’s most known brands. Its improved performance, scalability and flexibility means that it is an essential upgrade for any existing Magento merchant.

Our Process


One of our strengths is being able to pick up the ball and run with it, no matter what stage you’re in. Through our collaborative approach with clients, we’ve been able to run projects from start to finish or improve their support for an existing Magento 2 website, and then some with our perfected project process.

Magento 2 Benefits


While there are dozens of benefits to Magento 2, when compared to other ecommerce solutions, we have outlined some of the most important benefits that can make a real difference to your business:

Scalability – It has never been easier to scale grow your ecommerce business. Future proof your online store with new retail technology, business intelligence, site optimisation and digital marketing features from Magento’s marketplace to improve your site’s performance.

Increase Conversion Rate  With an all-new two-step checkout process, Magento 2 significantly improved the purchasing experience and retailers’ conversion rates.  Find out more about the checkout experience in our blog post.

Improve Customer Retention  With gift cards, reward points and other incentives, there are plenty of ways to improve customer retention on Magento Community and Enterprise editions.

Better User Experience  With integrated Varnish caching and other optimisations, Magento 2 has improved response times that reduce server loads and deliver a better shopping experience all round.

Why Choose Diligent Commerce


  • We are specialists in creating websites that bring brands to life. Our team have built over 100 websites on both Enterprise and Community.
  • We are Magento experts, from design, development and customisation to integration, hosting and support.
  • Our experience has led the ecommerce, marketing, merchandising and online strategies for the likes of Eastpak, Brooks England and Varley. We can help you too!
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