Artisan Craft Meets Contemporary Style in a celebration of Italian style, culture and craftsmanship.

Fabio Giovanni emanates Italian men's fashion from it's point of concept to creation. The highest quality and 100% Italian, their collection of luxurious men’s shirts and belts brings relaxed Italian elegance directly to your door, anywhere in the world. As a result, they needed a performance focussed platform that would help them to manage their orders effectively and efficiently. They also needed an equally supreme website design to merchandise their products and promote the Fabio Giovanni lifestyle in the best way possible.
Project details


Fabio Giovanni was a brand new retailer and they needed their very first website to future proof their opportunities online. We work hand in hand with the team to:

  • Create sharp design and architecture that would resonate with their style conscious male audience
  • Develop their all new responsive website on Magento
  • Design a minimal website theme that wouldn’t take away from the distinct patterns of their products



  • A unique responsive design with irregular layouts on Magento
  • Conversion driven website architecture
  • 2,346 more unique visitors to the site within the first month of launch
  • Art Direction and photographic consultancy for re-touching, and editing
  • A website that fitted with their target demographic. Within the first month of launch, more than 50% of the audience engaging with their website content was on target!
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