Chester Barrie is a quintessentially British brand

Based on London's Savile Row, home of many great tailoring names, Chester Barrie was founded in London in 1935 by Simon Ackerman, an Englishman who had emigrated to the States. Chester Barrie is a pioneer among Savile Row tailors, offering ready-to-wear tailoring with the look and feel of the best of bespoke
Project details


When Chester Barrie approached us they already had a website but it wasn’t transactional and didn’t tell the full story of the brand’s rich heritage.

They wanted a site that showed off their full range of fine tailoring and accessories but that would also allow their customers to explore the world of Chester Barrie.


  • A clean and easy to follow navigation where customers can shop by category or collection
  • A fully configurable Homepage which can be kept fresh and relevant with a simple back end interface
  • A simple user journey from Homepage to Checkout that even customers less au fait with ecommerce can feel confident and comfortable with
  • Two separate Blogs. One where Chester Barrie can keep their customers abreast of the latest news and goings on, and another to offer in depth style advice
  • Easily integrated video content to tell the story of their sponsorships and sartorial advice
  • Elegant landing pages to highlight Chester Barrie’s different ranges and collections
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