Legacy bicycle saddle specialist Brooks England drew up their first concepts in 1882. Almost 135 years later and the brand is growing from strength to strength. A cult favourite amongst the cycling community with a store in Covent Garden's Seven Dials shopping district; the Savile Row of cycling. We're delighted to have worked closely with their team and Development partners on the website's re-design which was launched in May 2016. Discover our favourite features below.
Project details


Brooks England are identified as pioneers of modern bicycle saddles, jackets and bags by the cycling community worldwide – a cult favourite that’s steeped in heritage.

They needed a new responsive website design and user experience that would resonate with their global audience. But most importantly, we needed to:

  • Create a visually-led experience that was immersive and catered for current and new customers, dealers and stockists.
  • Bring the brand to life and evoke the timeless Brooks quality and values in a manner that demonstrated the brand’s relevance, and appeal today
  • Increase consumer reach, conversion and revenue
  • Improve the site’s taxonomy and notably the filtering of products through a new attribute structure
  • Better present the site’s marketing collateral and content, ensuring that content and commerce journeys were aligned; no disconnect in the user experience!
  • Develop an omni-channel approach; build a relationship with the offline store with (notably click and collect)



We worked closely with the Brooks team to identify their requirements, analysing their previous website’s performance and user behaviour to produce a compelling new design and architecture that:

  • Created more breathing space – it needed to be less cluttered and more modern
  • Reflected the craftsmanship and cool of the Brooks brand, accurately conveying the range and supporting the price point of products
  • Demonstrated their authority in the cycling saddle, bags and jackets category globally
  • 20% increase in the amount of time customers were spending on the site engaging with its content within the first month of launch. Plus, a boost from 40 seconds to over one minute of average time spent on individual pages. 
  • Clearly highlighted the brand’s premium product range and undeniable heritage but also clearly segmented the two through clever sitempa configuration
  • Better organised their sitemap structure and layout so that customers could access products through a more logical streamlined journey
  • Improves the website’s position in SERPs
  • Ensures clear calls to action and sign posting to guide users through the website
  • Uses eye-catching and dynamic image regions to improve customer engagement throughout
  • Showcases their rich heritage through an engaging timeline filled with images from the Brooks archives
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