Website Launch: Bringing Theo Fennell’s Opulent Jewellery Online

This week, one of Britain’s most celebrated designers of jewellery and silverware unveiled his striking new website. Theo Fennell has always been a pioneer in his industry, leading the charge for unique pieces that outlive the latest trends and are cherished for generations. He needed a website that would match his creative vision and perform at the top its class. E-commerce leaders Diligent are responsible for the end result.

Looking at the existing site, Diligent immediately recognised its failure to show off Theo’s pieces to their best effect, its poor navigation and what amounted to a dissatisfying user experience. All of which was negatively impacting on the brand and consequently, sales figures.

Theo Fennell is a premium brand – the website needed to make this immediately apparent and evoke the values Theo Fennell has built his business on: originality, beauty and attention-to-detail. Diligent CEO and founder Simon Bell remarks: “We wanted this site to become a destination in itself, with the same feel of the in-store experience but also offering a wealth of knowledge about the pieces and the craftsmanship that goes into each and every one.”

With a view to building lasting customer relationships, Diligent loaded the site with rich content, giving exclusive insights into Theo’s world. Visitors can now explore the workshops where each piece comes to life, look over Theo’s beautifully hand drawn designs in his sketch book, discover the history of the brand and more. In short, they have created an online treasure trove for jewellery connoisseurs.

From a maintenance perspective, Diligent have built a site that is completely user friendly, making it simple to manage in-house. And, essentially, it has been completely search engine optimised, is fully responsive on any device and the brand’s social media presence is integrated throughout. Make your content shareable and increased visits and sales will follow.

Aesthetically, is led by razor sharp imagery, allowing customers to see the pieces from all angles and close enough to make out minute details. While the overall design is elegant in its simplicity, allowing for an intuitive and effortless navigation system.

With a growing international clientele, Diligent are also looking to give the site multi-currency and multi-lingual options, making it as easy to make purchases everywhere from Beijing to Moscow as it is here in London.

Diligent have helped start a new chapter for Theo Fennell with a website that is at the top of its game, primed and ready for increased traffic, engagement and sales.

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