Welcome to Diligent. We are a brand new agency, a digital one naturally (the clue’s in the name; well, it’s nearly ‘digital’ innit?). Who needs another agency? Well, we like to think we are a bit special. We do one thing and only one thing (again, the clue’s in the name, diligentcommerce,com). Commerce. Digital commerce; in all its guises. E-, M-, F-, S- and V-commerce. That’s our bag. Why commerce? Because it’s where we are from and because it’s what excites us. It’s where we see the biggest growth and the coolest things happening. And we intend to be at the forefront of that. Doing innovative stuff to make the online shopping experience better. And we want to do that for as wide an audience as possible. Why? Because the web is a leveller. It allows people to do things they, as individuals could never do before. Well it’s the same in retail. Now anyone can go to market with website that looks as good as the best. Well with a little help. And that’s where we come in. We use open source software so it costs you less and allows us to spend our energy on making it look good, making it a joy to use, and adding clever bells and whistles. Call it clever commerce. But commerce is mission critical. So above all ecommerce websites need to work hard. So that’s where we put our energy. The clue’s in our name. Diligent
– See more at: http://www.diligentcommerce.com/diligentlaunches/#sthash.m4a59FTp.dpuf

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