Today Amazon reveals it’s latest product; the Kindle Fire. Spectators are confident that Amazon’s infrastructure, relevancy of content and competitive pricing challenge Apple’s iPad first released in the UK in 2010.

Personally, I don’t see Amazon as much of a threat in the tablet manufacturing market as the gadget isn’t 3G enabled so will have limited connectivity for a start and isn’t the purpose of the tablet to be mobile? The kindle Fire is rumoured to be more similar to Blackberry’s Playbook (having been designed by the same vendor) but in comparison to the iPad & in terms of technology and usability it’s considered to be a low-tech, mid-range device whereas the iPad is seen as more of a premium tool or device.

What’s important to note is that Amazon can continue to improve their device post-launch, and has a wide network of content suppliers, which is what users want – valuable content!  And as Bill Gates said in 1996: ‘Content is King’. For me, it’s important from a user perspective that content is served up in a compatible and accessible format for people who are on the move. In time Amazon can improve their technology but for now Apple will continue to deliver great devices to the market. Ultimately, these two products are different and each serves a different purpose, so in my eyes, they’re not direct competitors.

The question should really be: what does the user want?

As a user on the move I would want great connectively, valuable content and a great user experience. Asking for too much? Perhaps Apple can strike a deal with Amazon to use their content serving Cloud! The perfect solution if you ask me…

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