Top 10 Tips To Christmas Ecommerce Sucess

Christmas is critical to a successful year. But there aren’t many shopping days to Xmas now, so don’t leave it too late to get your online store ready. Here are 10 things from Diligent you can do quickly to increase your festive sales.

1. Get in the festive spirit

Tailor your website so that it has a festive look. Create Christmas banners. Use the banners to promote any Christmas offers (see below). And Keep it fresh.  Inactive websites don’t accomplish much during Christmas, so keep updating content and presentation in order to tempt shoppers to buy.

2. Create targeted landing pages

Its a good idea to make standalone pages to reflect seasonal customer behaviour and to make it easier for them to find what they are looking for. So how about a Gift page (for him and for her).

3. Check your prices

Make sure you are competitive this Christmas. Trading conditions are tough. So check and see if your competitors have lowered their prices to attract more customers.

4. Create an offer or two

Everyone likes a special offer and if it helps to entice a customer to your shop then it might be the cherry on the cake for them. How about….

Free delivery

This could just be the most successful promotion you run. If you don’t already offer free delivery and returns already it’s definitely worth considering during the festive season. Don’t forget to add the last order date to ensure Christmas delivery. Put that at the top of the page in the header and on the product pages if possible.

Gift wrapping

If you can provide gift wrapping let your customers know as its a good value added service.

5. Clever Email Marketing

Avoid a blanket email. Be creative and clever… Make gift suggestions within different price ranges as this could help your conversions. Review your order history; if someone ordered a certain product before try and promote similar items.

6. Social Media

Hard to turn this on just for Christmas but still see if you can get friends, family and (most importantly) loyal customers to help you with some social marketing. Easy stuff to do is ask people to post a review or comment about your products on their Facebook profile, Twitter or personal blogs. Just make sure they are linking back to your site…

7. Embrace mobile

This is a must regardless of the season. If it isn’t already, then a mobile optimised site should be on your new year’s resolution list. In the meantime, try texting the latest deals to your customers mobile. This is a good option for people that don’t spend much time on-line.

8. Maintain high-speed performance

With luck, Christmas should be a period of intense load both from browsing and purchasing customers. Site speed equals high conversion rates, which in turn equals pounds in the bank.

9. Customer Service

Make sure you have enough people on board to cope with orders and customer service queries in general. You might want to invest in a live chat service. Make sure you customers know how.

10. Prepare for January sales…

Sales start immediately after Christmas so expect your customers to be hunting for bargains online. Make sure you are ready for this…

We hope this helps. Happy Christmas Selling!

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