The Ecommerce 2018 Checklist for Magento Retailers

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Walk into 2018 on the front foot of ecommerce!


2017 has been one hell of a year for retailers on Magento and in general. With so many new technologies, platforms, upgrades, techniques and tools available, it’s been a year for change and growth with ’emotional commerce’ coming to the fore.

As an ecommerce design and development agency, we have¬†witnessed the effects of the evolving retail landscape. Being at events throughout 2017 like the Internet Retailing Conference and Magento Imagine means that we’ve seen how retailers are picking and choosing the technologies they’ll be using in 2018, how they’re shaping their ecommerce strategies and which features they’ll be focussing on to propel them forward.


About the free to download Ecommerce 2018 Checklist


You’ll learn about the:

  • Top trends in ecommerce¬†for the new year and beyond
  • Ideas for strategies that will help to improve your customer experience, commerce and content
  • Recommended technologies to support your ecommerce goals and automation requirements


All of them aimed to improve emotional engagement with your brand online, customer retention and of course, conversion.

Whether you’re building a new brand online or want to up your current ecommerce game on Magento 2, our checklist will help you to cover the top areas you could be focussing on in 2018.

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