Some claim that SMEs don’t want to stay in the EU. Well … this one certainly does!

Diligent exports its work across Europe . We have built websites for companies in Germany, Belgium, Holland, Ireland, Italy, and France. No EU regulation is stopping us doing that.

We are proud to do so. Companies chose us because they value British design and ecommerce expertise.  That is to be encouraged and applauded. We are helping to build the UK’s reputation in digital and creative services.

Diligent is also contributing to UK plc by exporting, contributing to the balance of payments and paying taxes. ‘Remain’ is good for British business. Why rock that boat?

It’s time to embrace the European vision, not destroy it.  We live in a vibrant, connected world where together we are strong. Let’s start being active, positive members of the EU.

Diligent is proudly European. Vote Remain!


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