Topshop has set a great new competition to win a custom-made prom dress that will be designed by the design team at Topshop HQ. This competition may be fantastic for the winner but I’m more interested in Topshop’s innovative use of social media.

To enter each person is required to submit a Pinterest board containing inspirational imagery for the dress to be based on, including colour, shape and fabric ideas. Each board must be named Topshop Prom Queen and contain at least three items of Topshop clothing. In addition to this ‘#TopshopPromQueen’ must be used in the description of every pin.

I love Pinterest and if I were to revert back to a teenager in need of an impressive prom dress I would have no hesitation in entering this competition. Like my teenage self, I’m sure girls across the country are more than willing to create a ‘Topshop Prom Queen’ board, in fact they probably already have one. ­

So often I see brands using social media because they’ve been told they need to in order to ‘engage with the target market’ so they send out a tweet every now and then, set up a Facebook page and perhaps create a few Pinterest boards. They don’t truly engage with their customers, as they perhaps would offline. This is why I find Topshop’s use of social media so pleasing.

Topshop has managed to use social media perfectly to create an online experience that is fun, that is appropriate for the target market and that brings the brand and it’s customers together through a common interest in fashion, consequently strengthening the relationship between Topshop and it’s teenage followers.

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