Founded in Osaka, Japan, Evisu has been an icon of denim wear fashion for more than 20 years. Working with e-commerce web design agency Diligent, they have recently launched their new website as part of a major brand overhaul.

The new site aims to address the failures of Evisu’s previous online home, which was both dated in design and poorly constructed. Evisu needed a site that put the customer experience first, reflected the creativity and attention to detail at the heart of the brand and injected some much needed cool.

Using leading e-commerce open source platform, Magento, Diligent have created a site which is rich in content, bold in design and offers the user a quick and seamless journey from homepage to checkout.           Diligent’s Head of Creative Chadd Holland says: “Magento is the smart choice for the fashion brands we work with. Not only does it allow us to create sites that are fully responsive and look fantastic on any device, it also allows us to be as inventive and creative as we like with the look and feel, there are no design restrictions.”

High-quality, large scale images now dominate, showcasing the craftsmanship and meticulousness the brand is known for. Much improved product detail pages show multiple images of each garment, from close up to on the model, proving good photography is always worth investing in and allowing Evisu to do justice not only to their famous jeans but their previously neglected sub-brands.

Diligent also introduced parallax scrolling, a natural choice for brands who want to be at the forefront of web design. This special scrolling technique allows the background of a site to move at a different speed to the rest of the page – creating a far more immersive user experience and endless opportunities for online storytelling.

As Diligent CEO and co-founder Simon Bell remarked, storytelling is an integral part of the new site: “For us good content is king. We don’t create sites that just look slick – we create sites that really build customer engagement. That’s why Evisu’s new blog is a key element of the site. It is a place for knowledge-sharing and inspiration, living and breathing Evisu’s brand values”. Now visitors to Evisu’s new website can delve more deeply into the history of the the brand, how they create their unique ranges and see what’s been giving Evisu’s designers pause for thought. Whether it be a photography exhibition, jaw-dropping location or a video. All of the content is insightful, valuable and of course, shareable.

Visit to how Diligent have transformed their online home.

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