Melissa Odabash has been a trailblazer in the world of luxury swimwear for 15 years, but her website was letting the brand down in a big way. So e-commerce experts Diligent were appointed to give the site a complete overhaul. Recently relaunched, is now back to where it needs to be.

Assessing the pitfalls of the old site, Diligent CEO Simon Bell explains: “A frustrating user experience combined with awkward signposting meant far too many visitors were leaving the site without finding what they were looking for.” The fixed width design meant that looked poorly put together on different devices and from the back end, it was an equally frustrating story. For an in-house team, it was both difficult to manage and inaccessible. In short, the site was in need of a total overhaul.

Addressing the navigation and design flaws, Diligent have given a much cleaner and sleeker look, led by dream-like images that pop off every page. The navigation system is now simple and intuitive, while the whole site is responsive on any device and eminently scrollable. Links to Odabash’s social media profiles are prominent throughout, including Melissa’s twitter feed, which is embedded into the home page and updates in real time.

To drive traffic to the site and increase the average length of time spent browsing, Diligent focused on packing it full of shareable, engaging content. Melissa’s blog covers a wide range of lifestyle topics, from the latest bars to visit, beauty tips, holiday essentials, celebrity style and even recipes – all written in a fun and lively tone. Elsewhere, stylishly made videos take you behind-the-scenes at Odabash’s showroom and an invaluable guide to body shapes reveals the perfect swimsuit or bikini for every shape and size. This is a website designed very much with the customer in mind and that shines through in the content and warm tone throughout.

Diligent are also heading up the marketing for, making sure it tops search results, pulls in visitors and becomes the number one website for luxury swimwear in the world. Melissa Odabash’s collections have been described by Vogue as “the Ferraris of swimwear”, now with Diligent’s help, they have the website to match.

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