Question: what is the one thing that Churchill, the Beatles, King George VI and Cary Grant have in common, except for being famous that is? Answer: they all wore Crombie coats. In fact, Crombie have been keeping people warm for over two hundred years. Famous for its quality and attention to detail, who better from Crombie to ask to design their new website than Diligent Commerce!  We have been working really hard for the last few months to give the Crombie brand the website it truly deserves and to get it to market for the all-important Autumn / Winter period. Our brief was to develop a new design that would pay homage to the longstanding heritage of the Crombie brand but at the same time give it fresh,contemporary feel. But of course the new website also had to provide improved functionality, best-in-class ecommerce features and a smooth user experience.

HOMEPAGE The old homepage was a static grid which didn’t show off the product or communicate the brand to it’s full potential. To solve this, we created a fully responsive homepage combining lifestyle photography and contrasting flat panels displaying promotional messages and information about the brand. The new layout enables our client to merchandise their products in a more creative personalised way and engage visitors with relevant non-product content. Sophisticated imagery, design and ecommerce functionality are balanced perfectly to create superior branded online experience.

Crombie-Home-copy1-2THE CROMBIE COAT PAGE

The coat page was previously quite uninspiring with small product images and a confusing navigation system. We simplified the page by enlarging product images and allocating more space for each coat. More information about the coats heritage is now displayed through hotspots and information panels.



The shoppable lookbook combines elegant imagery with detailed product information and hotspot functionality to create a visually engaging and informative experience for the user and great merchandising opportunity for our client.lookbook-copy-2


The listing page displays products in a dynamic grid. Visitors have the choice to browse through categories or narrow their search down to a single product with comprehensive filters.



The main product image and description sits above the fold on the product detail page, with alternative product images and up sell sections sitting below the fold.

1.Crombie_ProductDetail_1920pxHERITAGE AND MADE TO MEASURE

The ‘Heritage’ and ‘Made to Measure’ pages use parallax scrolling to give a more contemporary edge and provide a more engaging user experience.



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