Key Takeaway Points from The Drum’s GDPR Breakfast

GDPR comes into effect in May 2018

With four months to go until the GDPR goes live, it’s more important than ever that we all pay attention to the opportunities it provides and the positive changes it will make to society as a whole.

This morning we attended The Drum’s GDPR breakfast meeting with panellists from SiteImprove, Oath, Appnexus and Grapeshot. They discussed their experiences, the impact of the GDPR on marketing/advertising and accountability.

Key discussion points – what are the implications?


The keynotes from the meeting included:

  • “Privacy by design” – users privacy at the core of website and marketing/advertising design
  • Whilst this is legal, it’s a technical solution more than anything
  • Look at data and power of the consumer in the USA.
  • Advertising has gone too far in using personal data – retargeting etc – advertising will now go back to better practices and “context” in advertising
  • Not something you can tick off the list and forget about: you need to monitor it on an ongoing basis! It’s about behaviour and knowing how to be more cautious.
  • Post May challenge is going to be “more aware consumers” – consumers aren’t going to be as happy about retargeting
  • Time for contextualisation in marketing.
  • Embedded videos eg YouTube or Vimeo – you’re sending data to that third party still. It’s not on your site.
  • The Government doesn’t see it as an advertising industry issue, they see it is an actual societal issue.
  • The right to be “forgotten” – tools for data storage need to be able to allow the marketer to remove personal data
  • Wouldn’t be surprised if there are a few PR disasters in the coming months after May 2018
  • We have to sort out our relationship with consumers, the amount of personal information the advertising industry thinks they own is detestable. The consumer owns their data, not the advertisers and marketers.
  • Any third parties you use are at the behest of you. If the third parties are not compliant, then it traces back to you, you’re responsible, not that third party.
  • Buying databases will be a thing of the past. Data scraping will vanish as an industry.


Mike Hemmings, Grapeshot, said:

“GDPR is an opportunity to refocus brands on nurturing the users they have (and creating value for new ones). At every single turn, touch-point and engagement is an opportunity to add value. Say goodbye to building the biggest database possible – now’s the time to engage customers with content that is ‘relevant’ and ‘in-the-moment’.”


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