Influencers. Why do we need them?

At Diligent, we are frequently introduced to brands who don’t work with influencers and are unaware of the impact that an influencer strategy can have. But first: What exactly is an influencer? We see them as anyone who can have an impact on someone’s behaviour through their digital messaging. This equates to bloggers, v-loggers, journalists and social media celebrities. Put more precisely, your influencer is anybody who engages a decent sized online community that includes your target audience with topics relevant to your own brand’s output and values.


But, it is not just the size of your chosen influencers’ community and their high reach that represents a benefit to your brand. You will be surprised just how much more working with influencers like fashion bloggers can get you:


1. Broaden your reach

Digital word of mouth is essential to put out your message to as many people as possible. Without influencers, your content will sit on its own, lack engagement and fail to inspire brand awareness. Working with influencers will help you reach your target audience and beyond. Besides, it often works out more cost-effective than paid methods, which leads us to…


2. The conversion power of (digital) word of mouth

The impact on sales through user generated content is tremendous. In itself, word of mouth is a far more effective marketing tool than paid advertising as we are aware that the sources have tried and tested it. Recent studies have found that product reviews shared across social media by influencers result in a 40% higher conversion rate than is standard for Facebook. In other words, investing in collaborations with influencers will return higher conversion rates than paid social advertising does.

According to a McKinsey study, marketing-inspired word-of-mouth generates more than twice the sales of paid advertising, and these customers have a 37% higher retention rate.” – Kyle Wong via Forbes.


3. Spark conversation and grow your community

How many times have you read about a brand on a blog or in a magazine and wanted to find out more? This happens more than you might want to assume. Not only will you be drawn to the brand’s website, but you will use the opportunity to follow the brand on its social channels to stay up-to-date on its latest news and last minute offers. Who are the people producing the content that made you curious in the first place? They are journalists, bloggers, vloggers and so on. No matter how you work with your influencers, a positive message from them will simultaneously grow your social following and inspire new interest in your brand.


4. Millennials spend more money online and trust influencers more

The majority of people who dwell online are getting younger, while the majority of people who purchase online are Millennials, i.e. people born between 1980 and 2000 (currently aged 18 to 35). It makes sense to keep the audience who is more likely to engage in your brand’s content (and purchase your products!) in mind during your influencer marketing efforts.


To touch upon the conversion power of user generated content (UGC), most recent studies into the product research stage of Millennials also confirm how crucial peers’ opinions are in the decision-making process. It turns out that user generated content is far more influential even than the content that brands put out there. That’s only one of the reasons it is important to find influential peers who have positive feelings towards your brand.


5. How Diligent can help

With our extensive network of influencers ranging from bloggers, vloggers over to popular Instagramers and more, Diligent can help you build relationships with the right people. With an in-depth analysis of your target audience, we can create a detailed profile indicating the topics your audience cares about and engages in. That way, we can connect you to the influencers whose work caters for the people who will want to find out about your brand. Here are just some examples of our work with influencers:


What do the Marine Conservation Society and Salt-Water Sandals have in common? Both care about the protection of our beaches for the best possible British beach experience, especially with children.
We asked Britain’s beach goers about their favourite UK coastal walk. Each beach tip donated £1 from Salt-Water to the Marine Conservation Society and was in for a chance to win Sandals.

We selected three amazing bloggers as ambassadors who introduced the competition to their followers and supported the competition throughout. Reinforced by our outreach to relevant tourism boards of Britain’s coastal regions, Salt-Water reached 200,000 people and generated impactful backlinks that have increased Salt-Water’s domain authority significantly. The result? A huge boost in sales!



We learned that Raishma’s target audience loves beauty and collaborated with a successful beauty vlogger for a look based on one of Raishma’s sarees, all while introducing a concurrent giveaway.
The make-up tutorial, relevant all year around, gained thousands of views within the first 3 days and brought with it a significant increase of page likes on Raishma’s Facebook as well as hundreds of competition entries. You can watch the video here:

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