Immaculate Vegan is Live on Shopify

We’re delighted to announce the launch of a new Shopify site for Immaculate Vegan.

Co-founded by our very own managing director Simon Bell, Immaculate Vegan is the world’s first premium ethical online marketplace. Bringing together a carefully curated selection of ethically sound fashion, Immaculate Vegan showcases that you can still look stylish while living ethically.

Starting as a popular ethical lifestyle blog, we helped Immaculate Vegan transitioned into a marketplace, migrating the site from WordPress to Shopify.

As the site started life as a blog, we wanted to ensure the site remained rich in content, blending it seamlessly with commerce. Customers can not only find products quickly but can also find the informative content they have come to expect from the brand. The site has an “Inspire Me” blog, filled with helpful posts to motivate their conscious community to consider the benefits of a more ethical and sustainable lifestyle, while ‘Meet the Maker’ showcases brand interviews and features profiles.

The website initially launched with a portfolio of over 80 cruelty-free brands, offering over 1200 products from 10 countries. As the site is a marketplace, Immaculate Vegan doesn’t hold any stock. All orders are fulfilled directly by the brands featured on the platform. We integrated the site with Marketcube, which allows the retailers to connect their ecommerce stores with the platform and manage all orders made through the platform. In doing this project, we have helped Marketcube improve their solution to handle the volume of retailers and SKU’s that the Immaculate Vegan site contains.

Check out our case study here to learn more about our process of creating a vegan market place. Fancy finding some new vegan brands? You can see the live site here.

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