If Olympic Athletes can do it, so can Ecommerce Retailers!

Earlier this summer, we wrote about how the ‘marginal gains theory’, made famous by Dave Brailsford and Team Sky, can be applied to the world of ecommerce. And now the Olympics are in full swing we can’t help but notice the cyclists aren’t the only ones tinkering with every last detail in a bid for Gold!

But what about the changes made behind closed doors, the adjustments athletes make over the course of their career that can yield huge results in the long term? We’ve seen swimmers covered in strange circular marks from cupping, which supposedly aids a faster recovery, some of gymnasts like Simone Biles are warming down in unconventional ways, and Gold medallist Ryan Lochte has gone against the grain and taken to turning on his back to save precious split seconds.

Sometimes we’ll never know what the key ingredients were. But in ecommerce, it’s much easier to pinpoint how you can take a brand from the third division to Olympic standard performance.

Our client Lock & Co is just one client we have worked with, applied ‘marginal gains theory’ and helped them to hit new heights.

Lock & Co is the world’s oldest hat shop, it’s British heritage goes all the way back to the reign of King Charles II in the 1660s. Its customers have included everyone from Lord Admiral Nelson to Douglas Fairbanks Jnr and Zach Braff, but their online presence failed to reflect this prestigious reputation; sales were consistently disappointing and they were struggling to convert browsers into buyers. The site wasn’t bad as such, but we had a few tricks up our sleeve to get it into pole position::

1. On brand loading icons – not everyone’s website speed is fibre optic yet, especially if you’re using mobile data, so we implemented a Coke Bowler Hat loading icon to let people know the site was working to deliver their result

2. ‘Lazy load’ jQuery – a must for any ecommerce website with long pages. Images outside the viewport aren’t loaded until the user scrolls to them which helps to improve the page load speed and in some cases reduce server load.

3. Floating back to top button – simple and savvy, it saves your users scrolling all the way back to the top of a page.

4. Anchor buttons on home – using a full bleed image? Use an anchor button! This not only shows users that there’s more content to see below but when clicked, it anchors users to that all important content. Particularly useful for the less website savvy customer!

The results since launch?

– Visits to the site have increased by more than 25% (when comparing to the same time period before) and more than 40,000 more unique users are engaging with its content

– Visits on mobile devices have seen a boost of nearly 60% and more than 25% for tablets.

– The average session duration for both devices has also stayed at a consistent level since launch.

– The website has generated more than £121,000 more revenue from shoppers on mobile and tablet devices alone; that’s a 2740.44% increase when comparing revenue from these devices to the previous period.

– In the summer of 2016, the website successfully became an official Webby Awards Honouree alongside reigning fashion houses Marc Jacobs and Edwin, as well as known retailer Target for best new website in the ecommerce category.

Marginal gains theory is applied to all of the websites that we design and develop, and is part of our on going blog series.

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