How to Kick-Start your Black Friday Ecommerce Prep

Prepare for an ecommerce sales peak now with our top tips


Black Friday is a huge opportunity for retailers, with the UK customers’ total estimated online spend in 2016 (on the day!) reaching £1.23bn, which was +12.2% higher in comparison to the same day in 2015 (IMRG). A whopping £6.45bn was spent over the Black Friday peak period (Monday 21 – Monday 28 November 2016) in total, both online and in store.

Indeed, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, plus the time around it, has become one big ‘shopathon’ in the UK and US, with retailers increasingly determined to capture the bargain hunter audience. In the UK, however, retailers’ main focus is the online audience as the majority of their customers are at work on Black Friday. Likewise, figures from Springboard showed footfall on Black Friday fell by 7pc on the high street and 5pc at shopping centres compared to 2015, as consumers opted to avoid the infamous in-store stampedes.


Start preparing your Magento store and marketing for Black Friday now!


Now is the ideal time to start preparing your Magento website and marketing campaigns because not only will you have the serious bargain hunters and brand loyalists preparing their shopping lists now, but it will give you enough time to prepare the site’s content, product updates, your ecommerce and warehousing team for any peaks.

Consider the following: 

  • Your website content – calls to action, promo banners
  • Digital marketing – PPC, email marketing, social media – what can you do to ramp up interest prior to the event to boost conversion?
  • Products and categories – how are you going to merchandise your products for Black Friday?
  • Promo management – distributing a promo code for Black Friday? Think about how you’ll market this to your customers and display the promo code on the site for the day


What did you learn from Black Friday 2016? 


You can spend ££££ on marketing campaigns but if your website is not optimised for the day, it can crash in peak time and lose out on revenue, but also customer retention.

When you’re planning your campaigns, a good approach would be to look at your website and marketing stats from last year. Not only will this help your team to prep their content and manage their customer service better on the day, but it will also help you to prepare your Magento server for the onslaught of customers!

For example, an Arcadia group brand invested heavily in their marketing and in the end, it was ‘all for nothing’ as the brand’s ecommerce team were unable to solve a technical issue. The website was down for the whole Black Friday campaign.

Consider the following:

  • When were people most likely to visit the site? For the UK, it will most likely be lunchtime on Friday!
  • Which content in your emails worked well and what didn’t?
  • How long did it take people to check out?
  • How many people came to the site last year?
  • What website or server optimisation do we need to put in place to ensure we don’t see any downtime or slow website speed?


Next week we’ll be publishing top 10 tips from our Magento commerce specialists! Keep your eyes peeled for part 2 of our Black Friday series.

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