How ‘Marginal Gains’ made lala Berlin an Award-Winning Website

lala Berlin joined forces with Diligent last year when they were in need of a new web partner and since then we’ve been working with their dedicated ecommerce / retail team to continually fine tune the website.

Earlier this year, we re-designed lala Berlin’s previous site, as part of a re-skin project, to bring their ecommerce offering in line with the their peers and consumer demand for fashion designers to have their own high powered websites.

Within two weeks of launch we’d already won an award from the CSSDA and as ever, the application of ‘marginal gains’ to this new layout has helped to improve the site’s user journey, customer experience and value.

A focus on the user journey, shopping convenience, inspiration and SEO were key from the beginning, and lala Berlin’s new store now accurately demonstrates their increased focus on digital.


More specifically, we:

1. Re-skinned the core ecommerce journey to be more comfortable for all devices

2. Improved the layout of the home page to create an impactful brand journey that immersed users from the beginning

3. Focussed on the mobile ecommerce experience up to checkout, specifically on the product page layout to improve the accessibility of content

4. Re-designed the site’s navigation to better support an SEO focussed taxonomy in a unique left hand menu

5. Worked with lala Berlin to create a completely new sitemap that required less clicks for product discovery

6. Introduced three important user experience elements that the previous website did not have, including quick search in the navigation, filtering and sort by on category pages

7. Partnered with lala Berlin to create an attributes matrix that improved the user experience and sped up access to products

8. Re-designed the Lookbook templates creating a deep scroll page with easy to discover content that’s shoppable throughout

9. Added shoppable elements to the blog to create a ‘shop the look’ feel that would fit in well with the brand’s continued focus on influencer marketing

10. Produced the code for all of the new pages from scratch to improve page speed. The website is now ranked at 94% for User Experience by Google Page Speed Insights.


Their new brand experience emanates cool femininity, a core USP of their collections, and is based around a concept that represents lala Berlin’s creative output: Disruptive Elegance.

Visit the all new online lala Berlin experience here –




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