Emotional commerce white paper - how to increase sales in ecommerce

How and Why the Emotional Impact of Your Ecommerce Website Can Create Double-Digit Growth


Shopping is an emotional experience. Studies show that the more emotion a customer feels when they’re buying with you online, the more they will buy!

So, how can you tap into your customers’ emotions to encourage them to shop with you?  In Diligent’s latest white paper, we explore:


  • Why harnessing emotion is essential to creating a great ecommerce experience
  • How people make decisions and how to tap into that to improve engagement
  • How to embrace ‘emotional commerce’ to increase sales


Don’t only take our word for it though. It’s backed by behavioural science and the workings of the ‘System 1’ brain.

Visit this page on our website to download the white paper for free now – diligentcommerce.com/emotional-commerce-whitepaper-download



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