Founded in early 2014, Maison du Maillot is already making a big impact on the world of swimwear. This contemporary beachwear e-boutique brings together dozens of the most stylish swimsuits, beachwear and accessories from around the globe, handpicked by its founders. Diligent came on board early in their story, to create a site that would put Maison du Maillot on the map from the word go.

The team behind Maison du Maillot is passionate about their products and Diligent were keen to get that same enthusiasm across in their website. Their solution was to build a lifestyle guide section of the site, offering visitors much more than a blog. You’ll find specially curated playlists for example, lighthearted articles on poolside etiquette, advice on how to put together a holiday look, interviews with top designers and much more. The overall effect is that anyone exploring this area of the site feels like they’ve had a one-to-one with Maison du Maillot’s founders, which of course, encourages people to return time and time again. And naturally, all of this added content is ultra search-friendly, helping Maison du Maillot build their brand faster.

Being based in Bahrain presented Diligent with another challenge, building a site that would meet the needs of customers around the world. Diligent developer Roland Gavrylov stresses: “We wanted it to be as easy for customers anywhere in the world to buy Maision du Maillot products as it was for those in the Middle East.” With this in mind, they created both Arabic and English versions of site and added in multi-currency and global shipping features which couldn’t be simpler to use.

Diligent have designed an online space that is fresh, a joy to scroll through and a true refection of Maison du Maillot’s mission to bring ‘laidback luxury’ to an international market. Despite the vast range of products on offer, this is a retail experience that never feels overwhelming, largely owing to clever design where white space is king. Moreover, Diligent are well aware of the power of social and have made sure every part of the site provides shareable content, for a new brand, word of mouth is key.

Maison du Maillot now have a multi-brand retail site primed for global expansion and already on its way to becoming the number one website for contemporary beachwear. Diligent CEO and founder Simon Bell remarks: “The pressure on us with this project was immense, we knew that with Maison du Maillot being an online only brand that their success was dependent on the quality of our work. But we couldn’t be prouder of the finished product and we’re excited to see this new brand grow and grow in the years ahead.”

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