Supporting and maintaining a denim giant.

Services Employed:
UX & Design
Support & Maintenance

In 1946 tailor Bernard “Rodeo Ben” Lichtenstein began developing a line of jeans specifically for cowboys and rodeo use, under the name of Wrangler. Since then the brand has grown into a global denim empire, becoming a household name and worn by millions of people every day. Diligent has been working alongside this classic American icon to develop and maintain their online presence.

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The Diligent support team have been working closely with Wrangler to improve their site and proactively support them in their growth strategy.
Wrangler release new collections and editorials multiple times a year. We developed a range of templates and modular content management systems, giving the ecommerce team the ability to create new layout reconfigurations for each launch without the need to build new pages from scratch.
Not only do these templates help the Wrangler in-house team, but also customers looking for inspiration. Following the implementations of these pages, customers who arrive on the site via a new content page spent twice as long on the website and were twice as likely to purchase. Additionally, they were much more likely to return to the site at a later date.
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