Jing Tea

Helping JING Tea's customers explore the rich world of single garden tea.

JING Tea was founded with one vision: To provide an alternative to the mass produced, bland teas that clog up supermarket shelves and to make the local teas of India, China and beyond easily accessible. JING has brought the unique flavours, aromas and brewing methods of single garden tea into everyone’s kitchens.
With that in mind we were tasked with designing a site that not only made exploring the rich world of teas an immersive pleasure but also guided their customers’ palates to finding the perfect region and the perfect tea for them.

“guided JING's customers’ palates to finding the perfect region and the perfect tea.”

User experience was paramount. Tea discovery can be approached from many angles. The tea aficionado will know exactly what they want and will expect to be able to hone in using a precise and intuitive search. The novice will know what they like but need to be guided by taste and type. Others may know they prefer Japanese tea to Sri Lankan but will need to be guided from there. Every customer whatever their experience had to be catered for.
On top of that it needed to look and feel beautiful. If you can’t buy your tea from its native home in the rolling hills of China or the sweltering tropics of the sub-continent then you at least want the website you’re buying it from to express these diverse cultures and emotions. We used large, impactful images and videos to convey a sense of the tea's journey to the customer and showed the leaves in their raw state, during brewing and in the final cup. By weaving brand narrative into the shopping journey we gave those customers not ready to buy the chance to go down the rabbit hole of discovery and education. This meant missed conversions on initial visits result in an emotional connection with the brand that could lead to a second and third visit and many future purchases.
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