Immaculate Vegan

Where ethics meets aesthetics.

Starting as a popular ethical lifestyle blog, Immaculate Vegan has transitioned into the world’s first premium vegan online marketplace. Bringing together a carefully curated selection of ethically sound fashion, Immaculate Vegan showcases that you can still look stylish while living ethically. Built on Shopify, we worked with Immaculate Vegan to create a site that fuses their philosophy of ethics and aesthetics.

“ We believe we have found, and will continue to source, a unique edit of brands that will excite customers and encourage them to shop ethically, as much for their style choices as their ethics” - Annick Ireland, Founder & Editor

Immaculate Vegan has a large following on social media, with a large percent of the traffic visiting the site via Instagram. Thus, the platform experience was created and tested from a mobile-first approach, enabling customers to shop with Immaculate Vegan regardless of what kind of device they are using.
As the site started life as a blog, we wanted to ensure the site remained rich in content, blending it seamlessly with commerce. The homepage contains a mix of blocks for impactful imagery, curated product edits and snippets from the blog, ensuring customers can not only find products quickly but can also find the informative content they have come to expect from the brand.
The website initially launched with a portfolio of over 80 cruelty-free brands, offering over 1200 products from 10 countries. As the site is a marketplace, Immaculate Vegan doesn’t hold any stock. All orders are fulfilled directly by the brands featured on the platform. We integrated the site with Marketcube, which allows the retailers to connect their ecommerce stores with the platform and manage all orders made through the platform. In doing this project, we have helped Marketcube improve their solution to handle the volume of retailers and SKU’s that the Immaculate Vegan site contains.
Immaculate Vegan has a stylish, contemporary luxury aesthetic, reflecting the target audience. To ensure the site and accompanying product photography looked cohesive across the breadth of various retailers, we produced an image submission guide. To ensure all photos submitted to the site meet the expected guide, we built a series of photoshop scripts that dynamically generate product cutouts without effecting the colouring or product edges, while producing them all on the same background.

Services Employed

  • Ecommerce Strategy
  • Art Direction
  • User Experience
  • Design
  • Development
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