Timeless design for an effortlessly smooth ride

The stylish iCandy collection is an extraordinary demonstration of aeronautical technology at its finest. Designed to handle effortlessly, giving you a smooth and safe ride. It is this attention to detail that makes the iCandy one of the top pushchair and travel system brands in the UK.
iCandy approached the Diligent team in the spring of 2020 looking for a platform migration, full re-design and revamp of their UX.
During the review sessions, it was noted that customers were being subjected to too much information on the product pages which led to an overwhelming and confusing experience. The copy needed streamlining and the imagery re-shot in order to create a site centred around the target customer. And so we began the process of re-designing the site with the focus on the customer journey being as simple, concise and informative as possible- all the while maintaining the essence of iCandy’s brand values. A full M1 to M2 migration was performed with the integration of Microsoft Navision and the i95Dev connector. The connector is a powerful tool that allows merchants to streamline their operations by automating orders, payments, customer, and shipping information by syncing between the two systems.
With just 10 months between design and launch, we are proud of the rapid pace delivered by our team of Project Managers, Designers and Devs working alongside the client creative. We worked closely with the team to ensure we upheld the already established strong brand identity. In the following months, we have continued to steadily launch the international sites one by one and look forward to expanding capabilities further with the iCandy team.

“Quality, Innovation, Heritage and Style are the four core principles of the iCandy brand and drive our desire to consistently create products that are both beautiful on the outside and engineered to perfection on the inside.”

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