Anatomic Shoes’ new website launched by Diligent Commerce

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new ecommerce website site for Anatomic shoes.

Anatomic shoes are a quality shoe brand. Their unique Anatomic Gel Technology® allows them to make fantastically comfortable shoes without compromising on style.

When Anatomic were looking for an agency to design and build their new Anatomic Shoe ecommerce site and create their sharp new rebranding, they looked for footwear experience, Magento excellence and above all an ability to bring brands to life online. So they chose Diligent.

Anatomic’s new motto is “In Good Company”, Anatomic is the second footwear site we have launched this week so we definitely think they came to a good company!

With such a powerful motto, Anatomic needed a website that was inviting to the customer, making them feel a part of a community of canny shoe buyers while ensuring that the site looked as stylish as the shoes that it sells!

With this in mind, we worked closely with the Anatomic team to ensure that we expressed the essence of the Brand while applying our trademark professional ecommerce understanding.

Some of the most important elements in building such a stunning work of ecommerce include:

– A strong, consistent aesthetic style throughout the site, to leave a lasting impression
– A smooth user experience, allowing the site to feel familiar even at first glance
– A responsive mobile site which runs smoothly and navigates easily, allowing the user to keep Anatomic with them on the go
– An understated layout that allows the site to bring the customer in to the Anatomic family
– Striking imagery across the entire site showcasing the powerful statement an Anatomic shoe makes

With its clean layout, easy-to-use product-filtering system, and Feefo product review integration, this is one ecommerce site that you don’t want to miss.

Check out the new site here:

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