5 Takeaways From Our MODA Presentation

This week we had the pleasure of speaking at the MODA Exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham, it was great to meet and greet so many retailers and discuss the challenges they’re facing right now, but also the opportunities.

This is why we went there because we wanted to talk to the retail masses about how to put the emotion back into ecommerce so that your website inspires and creates desire around your products in a world where Amazon is beating most brands off.


How can premium fashion brands emotionally engage with customers on their ecommerce website?


Some of the key takeaway points our Managing Director and Founder, Simon Bell, talked about were:


The majority of websites use System 2 (logical, thought out) approach to websites to drive conversion, but really we should be marrying this with System 1 (emotional) to build strategic and emotionally engaging website experiences.


If you can engage with your customers on an emotional¬†level, you can enable them to feel more and therefore buy more. If your brand taps into the emotion of the customer and tells the customer your story, they will feel the value of buying with you over choosing the cheaper option or ‘close to’ option on Amazon.


Consider the marketing model of AIDA. Whilst Technology is the enabler of our fashion ecommerce website experiences, the ‘Attention’ and ‘Action, it is up to the website managers to inject ‘Inspire’ and ‘Desire’ into the website’s content. This is what’s being missed and means that customers are becoming disengaged with brands on an emotional level.


Use natural language to encourage respect for your brand rather than using language to exploit the buying experience.


Knowing your customer is key because this will influence your content, everything from model selection, the tone of voice (humour or non-humorous), to emoji or not to emoji, and animations on your site

A big thank you to MODA for inviting us to speak; we had a great time!

If you like the sound of our take on how to inspire and engage customers by putting the emotion back into ecommerce, then call us on +44(0)207 739 5745 or email natasha@diligentcommerce.com

Diligent is an award-winning Magento ecommerce specialist that Designs and Develops websites for fashion, accessories, jewellery and footwear brands. Emotional commerce experiences, putting the ‘E’ back into ecommerce.¬†

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