5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Our Emotional Ecommerce Webinar

Ever wondered how to make your website emotionally engaging?


As a prelude to the launch of our first ever White Paper on Emotional Ecommerce, our Managing Director and Founder, Simon Bell, has done a webinar with Chloe Thomas from Ecommerce Master Plan.

This 20 minute presentation is free to watch on Vimeo, we don’t even want your email address in exchange. We hope that you enjoy watching it and that you find these ecommerce ideas useful! NB: the content in this presentation includes work we have done for our clients on Magento as well as other ecommerce brands that we think are awesome!


Having trouble? Watch the original video here: vimeo.com/diligentcommerce/emotional-ecommerce-magento


Why should I watch the webinar?


  1. This webinar will introduce the concept of Emotional Ecommerce, what it is and why it is super important; especially in 2018.
  2. We will help you to understand System 1 and System 2 thinking – this is the core thinking behind Emotional Ecommerce.
  3. We are giving free top tips on how to create a website experience that is more emotionally engaging for online shoppers.
  4. Our macro and micro level ideas will show features and updates that you can immediately start integrating to your website.
  5. These ideas are merely a taster for what’s to come in our upcoming white paper! You can pre-order it here: diligentcommerce.com/emotional-commerce-whitepaper-download/



“Help! I’m the new Ecommerce Manager and I’m using Magento, should I watch this?”


Yes, you should watch this! Whether you’re a Head of Ecommerce, Ecommerce Manager, Head of CRO, Head of CRM, a CRM Manager or equivalent, this is for you.

Likewise, whilst we are Magento specialists, our presentation on Emotional Ecommerce is suitable for all retailers on all platforms – whether you’re multi-brand or mono-brand. And, it’s not necessarily for fashion brands, some of these ideas can be applied to other industries too.


Any questions?


Get in touch with Simon Bell to discuss Emotional Ecommerce and find out how Diligent’s team of Magento experts can help your website achieve its goals. Email hello@diligentcommerce.com or call +44(0)207 739 5745



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