10 Ways to Reduce Basket Abandonment Rates

Two thirds of all online shoppers abandon their shopping before purchasing their items according to a recent blog by according to a recent blog by HubSpot. http://offers.hubspot.com/ecommerce-abandoned-cart-nurturing-video

The most common reasons shoppers abandon their online shopping carts which are: high shipping costs, forced registration, technical problems as well as the more obvious pricing issues.

So, here are 10 things that can help you reduce cart abandonment:

1. Don’t hide delivery charges
74% of shoppers abandon their purchase due to high delivery charges.

2. Use retargeting
20% of cart abandoners return and purchase after retargeting. They also seem to spend approximately 55% more than those who did not abandon their cart.

3. Avoid required registration
Clothing retailer ASOS made a clever move by eliminating compulsory registration. The smart part is that customers are still creating an account but without knowing.

4. Make the process easy
Limit the number of clicks between adding the item to the cart and finishing the purchase.

5. Provide alternative payment methods
Alternative payments account for 22% of the global e-commerce transactions. So it is worth allowing shoppers to pay through other methods.

6. Use clear CTAs
Clear calls-to-action help the shoppers know what the next step is with out wasting time trying to work it out for themselves.

7. Form design
forms should be easy to complete and should not ask shoppers too much information.

8. Confirm prices and delivery charges
this allows shoppers to check how much their total purchase will cost them before completing their checkout.

9. Show a progress indicator
the customer should know at what point they are in the process and what remains to be done before the purchase is complete.

10. Enclose the checkout
This allows the shopper to focus only on completing their purchase.

According to Experian, an estimated £1.02bn worth of online shopping transactions were abandoned in 2011 by UK consumers, so stop the leak and apply these tips to minimize cart abandonment on your website.

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