10 Ways to Ensure the Success of your Magento Store on Black Friday


What is Black Friday?


Black Friday started in the USA over the Thanksgiving holiday; thank you Amazon! The UK didn’t experience this shopping bonanza until 2010 though and even without a Thanksgiving weekend, the opportunities have been spelt out for retailers. For example, a Hitwise survey of UK customers found that during Black Friday 2016, retail websites had around 28 million online visits per hour. That’s an insane amount of customers!

More info about Black Friday and how to begin your prep is available in our previous blog post – diligentcommerce.com/news/black-friday-ecommerce-preparation/

This discount shopathon has grown rapidly since it launched and naturally, this year is expected to exceed last year’s record. So, what can retailers do to reap the benefits of one of the largest opportunities this year?


Use Magento’s tools and our digital marketing tips to make the most of Black Friday


“Fashion is about creating emotion – it’s not necessary rational”. The same goes for the Black Friday season. It’s online hysteria, compulsive shopping, irrational decisions and occasional madness. Make the most of this emotionally charged shopping event with our team’s recommendations!


1. Create scarcity:

  • Flag items (badges) with ‘benefit’ info eg special price, new collection
  • Stock countdown eg last one in stock, only two items remaining.
  • Barilliance found that 79% of mobile phone users abandoned their shopping cart during the Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend. Why not implement an abandoned basket campaign to reinforce the ‘limited time only’ discounts you’re running to drive back meaningful traffic to your website.


2. Listing Pages and Product Detail:

  • Are your category listing pages as exciting as your competitors?
  • Consider what you can do to generate a powerful listing page using Magento’s merchandising tools. For example, organise products by colours, collections, outfit.
  • Use Magento‘s cross-sell or upsell panel to promote ‘wear this with’ or ‘works well with
  • Ensure product photography loads fast and that there’s lots of it. Don’t give your customers a reason to leave your site.
  • Use static blocks to highlight Black Friday delivery options and the time it takes to deliver


3. Inspire your customers: 

  • Before you ask them to buy first inspire them. For example, use images of your products on real-life customers
  • Generate interest now before you launch the promotion by showing them the collection that you want them to buy on Black Friday.
  • Give them a reason for them to come back to your site on Black Friday by adding value to the customer journey with Black Friday editorial landing pages, video content and social media integration.


4. Brand validation and good vibes:

  • Are your reviews convincing customers to buy the product or are they putting them off? Do a recon of your TrustPilot or Feefo reviews prior to Black Friday to ensure you’ve responded to any bad reviews and solved their query.
  • Do you have video/bloggers talking about the benefits of your product?  Are you giving them something for free to submit those reviews to help boost your revenue? Running campaigns with video/bloggers about products going into your Black Friday sale will help to increase awareness of your product and its availability.
  • You should also implement HTTPS across the whole site, not just the checkout, to ensure your customers will get a secure shopping experience.


5. Emarketing Subscribers:

  • Generate as much interest in your newsletter before Black Friday to increase the reach of your marketing content. If you’re using DotMailer you can schedule a whole program of emails in advance.
  • If you’re an omnichannel retailer, a great way to collect data (save the planet and reduce your spend on paper!) is by giving your in-store customers an e-receipt.
  • Is joining your email list exciting enough for customers? Why not try animated icons to engage customers. SVG animated icon gifs are impactful and trendy!


6. Mobile optimisation:


  • Last year, results showed that mobile overtook desktop as the most preferred shopping channel overall, data from ChannelAdvisor suggests that Brits are more at ease than US shoppers when it comes to following through on mobile purchases.Throughout the five-day sales period, 75% of shopping searches in the US took place on mobile devices, however, mobile accounted for less than one in two purchases. So make sure your website is optimised for mobile shoppers.


7. Checkout:


  • Ensure a smooth experience is in place by ensuring you’re not asking customers too many questions.
  • If you’re using WorldPay you can implement the ‘scan credit card’ feature so users can take a photo of their credit/debit card instead of typing in the details manually
  • Not using PayPal?  Nearly 1/3 of Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping was done on mobile according to their 2016 study of customers using PayPal.


8. Returns ahoy!:

  • It is super easy for customers to impulse buy, so expect a spike in returns the week after! Ensure you provide a returns label in all of your packages and clearly define your maximum days to return a product in your transactional emails, static blocks shown on key pages and on your website ‘Delivery Info’ pages


9. Delivery:


  • Figures by IMRG UK Consumer Home Delivery Review 2015 made clear how important it is for retailers to meet this challenge, with 70% of consumers saying a good delivery experience will help keep them loyal to a retailer.
  • Many retailers botched Black Friday 2016 and with so many options available to retailers this makes Black Friday a great opportunity to launch a new delivery option or offer for a limited time only to generate revenue. For instance, local delivery networks, Doddle collection, click & collect etc. Multi-carrier shipping platform and
    services like Temando have certainly improved the conversion rate and customer service of many brands, including the likes of ASOS.


10. Customer care: 

  • Be there for the customers who need you right there and then for the Black Friday weekend ‘shopathon’ by offering a live chat service. Not only will this help to improve the customer service you offer, it can also increase website conversion rates by 29% (Forrester Research)


Top tips from Paul Rogers, Ecommerce Consultant and Magento Specialist 


Paid media budget optimisation


Make sure you re-allocate your budgets based on overall performance and demand going into the peak. For example, you may want to bid on certain search campaigns or products via Google Shopping because you know they have a lot more demand going into this trading period (and your impression share will drop otherwise).You should also look to ensure that your top performing

You should also look to ensure that your top performing campaigns/ad groups aren’t capping out during this period, so you may need to re-allocate budgets to ensure you’re investing in the areas where you’re getting the best performance. We’ve also had good results from bidding on users who have searched for Black-Friday-related queries, as you know they have more intent to purchase.


Ensure that your search is optimised


Spending a few hours unweighting key products, adding synonyms for 0 result queries and improving results for your top queries (by boosting key products again) is a really effective way of driving more revenue and generally, the products that are boosted via search (also applies to visual merchandising product list pages), will be different at this time of year. Needless to say, I’d recommend my client Klevu for this.


Segment customers based on previous year behaviour


I’ve had really positive results from sending targeted email campaigns to customers who purchased discounted items the year before – you could email them with messaging like “buy X again for X% off this year” or “More Ted Baker products on BF Sale this year”. Promoting BF deals for the same or similar products (that are also discounted) is a really effective way of driving more sales at peak.

Visit paulnrogers.com for more information


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