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Ecommerce teams across the world are spending huge amounts of time and energy to deliver technically seamless websites that make buying online two things; quick and easy.

Typically, these efforts are geared to optimise ecommerce for 1% of the audience. But what about the remaining 99%?

When customers buy a product, they are making a choice to buy from you. Understanding what drives that choice and how customers are emotionally engaging with a brand online is key to improving conversion for the remaining 99%. Consider the following:

  • What turns a browser into a buyer?
  • What makes someone choose one brand over another?


The answer is, emotion

Learn about this and more in our white paper! Coming next week!

Sign up today to pre-order our free to download Emotional Commerce Whitepaper and learn:

  • How to create an emotionally engaging ecommerce experience
  • Core principles of emotional commerce
  • How this can be applied to ecommerce to improve conversion and customer retention
  • How three leading brands have used emotional commerce with success


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